Paul is fantastic at listening and understanding both you and your business. He adapted very well to a bunch of women giving ideas from a varied amount of angles and positions. He pays a great deal of attention to your needs and objectives, successfully finds the right way forward and delivers a service to implement it.

We were very lost with our back office and management of the workflow, struggling to keep up and Paul helped us implement a system that suited us so well. Not only did he help us but he did a lot of the work himself for us, such dedication and support is rarely seen in business these days.

Following successful installation Paul continues to provide help and support! With any queries we know we can go to him and he will ensure the issue or query is resolved quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul. Not only is he great in business but he is such a kind and friendly man to go with it.

Michelle Wilson-Stimson CertPFS
Managing Director


Tellus Associates

"I started my first business as a sole trader in 1993. That grew successfully and developed and changed to become a limited company about 10 years later.  I left that company early in 2016 and now continue occasional work, once again as a sole trader.

In my search for someone to provide us with IT support I first met Paul Watson in 1995. He specified and built our first systems. He has continued to support us over the years and he continues to do so with his business, Elementary Solutions.

Paul has been an excellent resource for us in all the different guises in which we have worked over the years. He initially built systems for us.  As the industry changed he provided us with a critical procurement service that included specifying the systems, setup and configuration. This included operating with our teams internationally. And, providing an on-call service so that expensive down time was reduced to the absolute minimum. As he moved into larger businesses we benefitted from the growing team around him.

We have never been a large business ourselves, operating with a maximum of a dozen machines at any time. Paul has been for us, the ideal solution, though I know that he has been equally highly regarded in much larger operations.  His ability to address a problem, identify its characteristics, seek out options for resolution and press them home to conclusion have made him a highly valued resource here. I do not think there will be many out there who can match Paul for the commitment, hard work and responsiveness that have made him for us, very good value.

M H Rowlatt



Mundy Veneer

"We approached Paul to work with our company as we needed a thorough review and overhaul of our internal systems: we needed to implement new stock and sales order processing software and we needed help in managing and coaching our staff to enable them to take on more responsibilities to relieve the pressure on the directors.

Paul is very easy to work with. He has always taken the time to listen and understand the company vision, objectives and culture. He is empathetic whilst not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing but also challenging when necessary. He pays close attention to unconscious signals as well what is actually said and discussed. He is discreet and understands when confidentiality is required.

Paul has a curiosity and passion about helping people to solve their problems and achieve their goals. He has been particularly effective in coaching staff to help them to understand the company's objectives and culture and help them to grow and take on more responsibilities. 

Paul has an organised, structured and proactive approach that is about outcomes not methods. He has helped set KPI's and measures to monitor progress. He is loyal, supportive and has helped reduce the "To Do" list rather than add to it. I would have no hesitation in recommending him."

Alison Mundy
Managing Director


PAR Group Ltd

I have worked with Paul in his previous role since 2011 and then with him further after he began running Elementary Solutions in January 2016. Paul has managed software support and delivered bespoke development projects for our business during this time.

The high quality work which Paul has provided has greatly contributed to the sucess and growth of our business.

As well as receiving requests to assist with and lead rojects, Paul has pro-actively offered suggestions to improve our CRM system. This has helped us to simplify processes in order to save a huge amount of time whilst managing customer enquiries and converting orders. Paul's work has made our business stronger and more efficient.

Paul uses a common sense approach and a positive attitude to keep projects moving and to resolve problems. I have found that this helps others to understand and appreciate complex issues without stress in areas outside of their normal sphere of work. has a curiosity and passion about helping people to solve their problems and achieve their goals. He has been particularly effective in coaching staff to help them to understand the company's objectives and culture and help them to grow and take on more responsibilities. 

Paul has always been focused, professional and has behaved with integrity whilst working with PAR. I have found Paul to be trustworthy and have had no concerns when allowing him access to confidential or business critical information and access to work with copies of data as required.

I would not hesitate to contact Paul to request his services for IT based business development or ongoing systems improvement projects.

Keith Chambers
Managing Director


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